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It's not fair for you to pay us if we can't get you the settlement you deserve. That's why we don't charge you a cent until we win your case for you.

Get Your Life Back On Track After A Personal Injury

If you've been injured at no fault of your own, you're entitled to compensation by law. Contact Steven J. Malberg Inc. in Folsom, CA right away and we can fight your case so that you get what you rightfully deserve.


Did you know that lawyers can negotiate settlements that are 3.5 times higher than unrepresented individuals? So even after you pay the lawyer's fee, you end up with more money. Come to us if you're looking for large, even multi-million dollar settlements. We'll aggressively represent you and help you win your case.

No Settlement - No Fee

Get The Right Legal Help From Us

A case is half won if you've got a responsible and experienced lawyer by your side. The attorneys at Steven J. Malberg Inc. are here to give you justice. So if you or your loved one has been hurt in an auto or motorcycle accident or a victim of wrongful death, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


The evaluation of an injury claim and the negotiation process are skills which require detailed knowledge of the law, the courts, and the insurance industry. We've got the experience that will enable you to receive a higher settlement.

Have Experienced Attorneys Represent You In All Your Legal Battles

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